Many people already have at home in the kitchen such a wonderful, at first sight, and unpretentious device, which is called a toaster. It allows making in the morning, without spending a lot of time hot and crispy fried bread. Gourmets all over the world treat this food as one of the tastiest things in the world.

How To Clean Toasters

Housewives clean their kitchen absolutely all appliances and objects, but often forget to clean the toaster inside. But like any device, the toaster, during operation can clog, and if you do not perform periodic maintenance, it can break. Toaster at constant operation saves bread crumbs in itself. So, in order to extend the performance of the device and to comply with fire safety requirements, the toaster is cleaned regularly. In order not to damage the device, you need to know some things that it is afraid of, despite its unpretentious maintenance. And most importantly, a clean toaster does its job better.

Toaster Cleaning Stages

To remove impurities from the interior surfaces of the toaster, special compositions are used, the list of which is specified by the manufacturer of the electrical appliance in the instructions for use. At home, usually use coarse salt, soda. Remove crumbs will help household appliances – vacuum cleaner, hairdryer.

For processing the toaster inside is used:

  • a soft toothbrush on the long handle (you can take a toothbrush with synthetic bristles that are suitable for the hardness);
  • soft wipes that do not leave any fibers on the surface.
Toaster Cleaning Stages

Remove Crumbs from Toaster

Modern toasters are usually equipped with a special retractable tray at the bottom of the body, where crumbs from slices of bread intended for frying fall. Therefore, at the first stage of work should take out the tray, free it from crumbs, and wash under a jet of water sponge with a drop of dishwashing agent, wipe with a dry cloth. Install the tray in place only after complete drying, otherwise, the moisture, evaporating, will lead to oxidation and corrosion of metal and electronic elements of electrical appliances.

If the toaster model does not provide for a retractable tray, crumbs are shaken, turning the device over a separated newspaper or film. But this option does not allow you to completely clean the inside of the toaster – pieces of breadstick to the walls.

Cleaning the Inner Surfaces of the Toaster

Let’s look at how to clean the toaster with home remedies – salt and soda. It is important to act carefully so as not to damage the electrical appliance.

SaltCooked salt with large crystals is poured through the top slots to load the bread inside the device. It is necessary to fill it almost to the top. Then the openings must be closed so that the salt does not fall out.
Close the top of the toaster with dense paper and wrap the device completely with food film, so that the paper was well pressed to the holes.
Shake the prepared instrument gently for a few minutes so that the salt crystals can clean off the dirt from the walls. But intense shaking can damage the electronics and cause contact breakage and failure of the device.
Remove the packaging and remove the salt from the toaster. Be sure to vacuum the appliance from the inside, walk through the walls with a brush or brush, wipe the inside of the appliance with a slightly damp cloth and dry it. It is important to remove all traces of salt because in combination with water vapor it will create an aggressive environment and will cause corrosion of steel elements.
Baking SodaThe dense paste is prepared from a mixture of soda and water. It is applied to contaminated areas, waited a few minutes, and cleaned with a brush. Soda is safe for metal surfaces, it is a weak abrasive that will not cause any harm. The benefits of soda also include the ability to remove fatty contaminants.
After working on the inside of the toaster with paste, remove the cleaning compound with a cloth. Thoroughly wipe all surfaces with a slightly damp non-woven material, then wipe the appliance dry and leave it to dry for a few hours.

Cleaning of Toaster Body

The standard material for making the toaster body is plastic. To wash it, use detergents for washing dishes, foam sponge, napkins. You should not use abrasive powders, metal brushes and sponges, melamine sponge – they leave traces on the surface.

It is enough to wash the body of the toaster with soapy water if there are no accidental drops of fat on its surface, caught during cooking on the stove. To remove fat traces, soda with the addition of a drop of water is suitable – the paste is applied to the dirt for a few minutes, after which it is much easier to remove. Wipe the electric appliance body dry with a soft cloth.

Knowing how to clean the toaster from inside and outside, you can keep it in perfect condition throughout its lifetime.