You used to turn on the air conditioner, the cooling process began, but after some time you found that water drips or even flows from the inner block into the apartment. The liquid may leak:

  • directly from the inner block to the room
  • through the blinds together with the flow of chilled air, as if the air conditioner “splashes” or “spits” water
  • on the wall where the unit is installed.
Why Do Air Conditioners Leak Water

In this case, as a rule, the air conditioner flows not immediately after switching on, but after some time – in 20-40 minutes. The intensity of the flood directly depends on the set temperature of cooling: the greater the difference between the temperature in the room and the given split-system, the more water will flow. If you’re struggling to fix your AC unit from leaking , it’s better to book an air conditioning service in your area to help you out.

Where Does The Water In The Air Conditioner Come From?

The operation of split-systems is based on the sharp cooling of air. This temperature change leads to condensation on the cooling element of the air conditioner, the evaporator located in the indoor unit. Normally, water drains from the evaporator into a special tray, and then along the drainage route is removed to the street or into the sewerage system. Most often, the drain tube is taken outside, from where the condensate drips.

Leakage of the air conditioner is usually caused by some kind of malfunction, and technically occurs in one of the following ways:

  • Water does not leave the tub along the drain path. For example, because of a clogged drainage path. As the condensate tank overflows, water flows from the split system into the room.
  • The condensate drips past the tub. For example, if it is shifted.
  • The waterfalls on the fan, and the air conditioner “spits” the water. For example, this happens when the evaporator freezes because the condensation temperature is too low.
  • Naturally, the leakage of the split-system to the room is not a standard variant of the technique. In some cases, this behavior of the air conditioner is due to the wrong installation, sometimes – to malfunction, but more often – to breakage. Below we will consider the main reasons why the water flows from the conditioner to the room.
Air Conditioners Leak Water

Reasons Air Conditioners Leak Water

If you noticed that the air conditioner recently installed in the room is flowing, in the overwhelming case, the reason lies in installation errors. Normally, the condensate from the evaporator flows into the bath, then – is removed by the drainage channel to the street or into the sewer. If the route is simple, the water flows away by gravity. In routes with complex configuration (large lengths, height differences, etc.) for forced water removal, a drain pump is installed.

Problems With The Indoor Unit 1) Incorrect angle of slope of the drainage route.
2) Inner block is not hanging evenly. If the air conditioner is not installed at the level, the trough is at an angle, and condensate may flow past the trough.
3) Thermal insulation of freon chimneys is not made. Pipes connecting the external and internal units must be properly insulated. Otherwise, condensation will form on them.
4) Incorrect filling of the air conditioner (wrong type of Freon, wrong amount) will cause the internal unit to freeze. The ice melts, the water flows past the bath.
5) Cracked pipes with refrigerant.
6) Incorrect length of the route for freon.
Problems With The External Unit 1) The air conditioner operates for heating: in this mode, condensate is formed in the outdoor unit and flows out of a special hole located at the bottom of the unit. Sometimes a drain hose is inserted into the opening. If there is one, but it flows from the unit itself, the drain is probably just clogged and needs to be cleaned.
2) The air conditioner has been in operation for a long time: with prolonged cooling operation, condensation can form on the Freon tube valves and some other units. As a result, you will see that water is dripping from the external unit.

Such a useful device as an air conditioner, which gives the desired coolness in summer, can in some cases cause problems. It happens that in the process of cooling the air drips or water flows out of it. This is not a pleasant thing, especially if the device flows suddenly and there is no one to turn to for help. Especially, if it happened in the room – in the apartment or in the room, and the water runs directly from the inner block of the cooling device, and it is good, if only on the floor. In case of such problems, it is necessary to apply to specialists.