Going to buy a cooktop, but don’t know which one is better? Gas, electric, or induction? In this article, you’ll learn which cooktop is best for your kitchen.

Features of Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are the most expensive on the market. The principle of heating such a device is to create a high-frequency magnetic field using induced eddy currents. Such cooktops are produced in different versions: small-sized, table-top and built-in. Models with a combined set of heating elements are also available: in addition to induction, the device can have gas or electric burners.

Features of Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktop advantages:

High performance and efficiencyThe efficiency of the device with this type of heating is as much as 90%, which is 30% more than the gas and 40% more than the electric.
SafetyHeating takes place only with the participation of metal dishes (a certain magnetic field is created), i.e. the device heats directly the pan and nothing else around it.
Economical useResources are used without unnecessary costs, the heat is directed to the required cookware, according to its diameter. Instant heating (less than 1 second) and automatic shutdown as soon as the dish is removed from the burner.
High power outputThe cooking process becomes almost 30% faster than on other models.

The disadvantages of induction are few, but still there are some:

  • very high price;
  • expensive repairs;
  • special cookware with a thickened bottom;
  • high power of the device can cause power outages.

Compared to the advantages, the negative qualities seem inconsequential, and they are, because cooktops of energy efficiency class “A” and more solidly save resources.

Features of Electric Cooktops

There are many varieties of electronic heating cooktops:

  • TEN,
  • Rapid,
  • halogen,
  • Hi-Light (with a strip heater).
Features of Electric Cooktops

Electric cooktop advantages:

  • the cost is much lower than for induction cooktops, but higher than for gas cooktops;
  • the use of any cookware.

Of the disadvantages, the following can be highlighted:

  • poor regulation of power supply;
  • uneven heating of the cookware;
  • not safe enough, because it is very easy to burn yourself.

If you want to buy an electric version, it is better to pay attention to the more advanced glass-ceramic appliances, as they are released in an improved version, have a higher energy efficiency class and are much faster to heat.

Features of Gas Cooktops

It is worth considering that the possibility of using such devices is limited by the presence of a gas line in the house. Let’s emphasize the main points, why these cooktops are widely used:

  • low price: even the latest model of gas cooktop will cost much cheaper than the newfangled induction version.
  • economical to use: gas is much slower to consume than electricity, and costs less. Therefore, when it’s time to pay the bill, this plus will be obvious.
  • it is possible to use any cookware: there is no need to change it when buying a new cooktop.
Features of Gas Cooktops

The list of disadvantages of gas cooktop is more impressive:

  • explosion hazard or leakage;
  • in the case of remodeling will have to legalize it with the relevant authorities;
  • care of the cooktop is more difficult;
  • if you compare the efficiency, the gas cooktop with 50%, inferior to the induction, which this figure tends to 95%.

It is impossible to draw an unambiguous conclusion as to which cooktop is better. Gas is currently the most affordable source of energy. And this is the main argument when choosing a gas cooktop. Those who put comfort and safety above the economic aspect, choose induction. But remember that we are stepping into a high-tech future and the ease of use of induction cooktops and their increased safety will take its toll.