Probably, you have more than once wondered if you can wash your shoes in the washing machine. It is very difficult to answer it immediately because there are many factors that affect the process. We will share with you useful tips on how to wash shoes in the washing machine and not to spoil it.

How to Wash Shoes in the Washer Machine

Which Shoes Can be Washed in the Washing Machine

The purpose of washing is to restore the original attractive appearance of the product and not to spoil it. Therefore, you should remember that manual washing is always better than automatic washing. This way, there is a better chance of preventing discoloration, deformation of the material or detachment of the soles.

But there are several types of shoes that can be washed in a washing machine without any consequences if all recommendations are followed:

  • tennis shoes
  • gym shoes
  • stinky shoes
  • converse shoes
  • vans shoes

How to Wash Shoes in Washer

Here you are ready for this desperate step, but you may have a quite logical question, what kind of shoes can be washed in the washing machine, and what is not. Experiments are good, but not many people will dare to risk just their favourite pair of shoes.

Putting shoes in washer

It is difficult to say with certainty that only specific shoes are allowed to be washed because almost any shoe can be deformed. That is why, before you send the product to the washing machine, it should be carefully studied.

  • If there is an information label, it will be easier for you to understand how to wash shoes in the washing machine. You can read the care rules on the manufacturers’ websites.
  • You should also take into account the material. For example, fabric slippers and sneakers washing in the machine is easy to carry. But the suede shoes will be 100% spoiled.
  • If during the inspection you noticed that the shoes are glued and not sewn anywhere, put them aside. Laundry of glued shoes will end badly because under the influence of water it will fall apart.
  • Metal inserts or leatherette elements are likely to spoil when you machine wash them. The metal will rust and the leatherette may crack. The appearance of such shoes will be quite unattractive.

Stages of Washing Shoes in the Washer

PreparationBefore putting shoes in the washer you need to protect it from excessive load under the influence of the rotating drum. At the same time, the washing machine’s drum will also be safe, as a solid sole will knock on it. There are known situations when there was an imbalance when washing a heavy pair of shoes. This problem is solved quite simply – to immerse your favourite pair in a special bag for washing, after which you can select the appropriate mode. Shoes made of fabric material can be loaded into the drum just like that, but the ballet, sewn from leatherette or other dense fabric, should be washed in a laundry bag. Do not forget to wash your shoes thoroughly, removing dirt from the sole, and dust from the outside. You should also get rid of any metal parts and laces. The eyelashes are no exception; they also need to be washed separately. Place your shoes in a mesh garment bag and load them into the machine.
Laundry process Add laundry detergent, preferably liquid powder, to the powder receiver, as it has excellent softening properties. But if you do use a regular powder, 50 g will be more than enough. It’s very important to choose the right mode. If no special mode is provided, switch on the delicate mode, as it will not damage your shoes, while softening them. Set the temperature to 40 degrees. Turn off the spin cycle and the drying process – this should be done manually. Now turn on “Start” and wait for the washing machine to finish working. High speeds will damage not only the shoes but also the washing machine itself! If you have a question about how to wash leather shoes, you should be aware that from soaking in warm water it will lose its shape and deform.
Drying Drying is a very important step. Do not dry your shoes in the battery or in the sun, as they will deform and may fall apart at high temperatures. Put a lot of white paper inside your shoes to give them the right shape, and morning shoes. Newspapers and glossy magazines are not allowed, as the illustrations can be transferred to the inside of the shoe. Dry your favourite shoes in a well-ventilated room, the air has a positive effect on the shoes, ensuring that they dry quickly. After drying, treat it with a moisture repellent. Such a remedy can be found in any store.

Can You Wash Shoes With Clothes 

There are no special contraindications to such washing, but still, it is not quite hygienic, and clothes can paint shoes. Jeans, T-shirts or dresses should be washed at a different temperature than sneakers or sneakers. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid such experiments. If it does not work at all, you should load into the washing machine a small number of clothes, and the colour of clothes and shoes should match.