Why won’t my dishwasher drain? Does your dishwasher still suck up all of the snot and cold water? This is a very common question that I hear almost every day from many customers who run into problems with their dishwashers.

It could be anything from the water or the food not draining, to your dishwasher draining while you are away. Whatever the reason may be, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to your dishwasher. It is very important that you follow a few simple steps to prevent any type of dishwasher problems from occurring.

Where to Start

Before you open your dishwasher, make sure that you have washed the cloths inside of it. If there is some food that is still on the cloths then you should either toss them or replace them with new ones. You should also consider washing them inside of the dishwasher in order to eliminate any bacteria that may have been left on them. If you find that your dishwasher still doesn’t seem to be draining then check the cord as well.

Make sure that the cord is free of any debris before you hook it up to the rest of the dishwasher. Many times it will catch on fire and this can seriously harm your family. The most common cause of this problem is usually food that has fallen on the cord. If you can’t get rid of the food, don’t worry.

Place a dry cloth right above the outlet as well. This will prevent any electricity from making its way into the bottom of the drain. It may also be a good idea to put a cover on the area so that there is no moisture being allowed to build up.

If you’re still not having any luck with your dishwasher and the water is still draining, try to check the water pump. A broken pump can cause your dishwasher to lose power. It can also cause the water to stop draining.

If this does happen, you may want to call a professional to check the pump on your own. Make sure that they check the connections and that the discharge valve is unplugged. Once this thing in the dishwasher is fixed, then you can go ahead and start using your dishwasher again.

There are plenty of reasons why your dishwasher will not drain. Hopefully, this article will help you to find the exact problem so that you can fix it properly.