Condensation inside your fridge can be a real pain. It can build up over time if you don’t get rid of it as soon as possible. Condensation inside your fridge can cause the food to spoil before you have a chance to get it out and it can cost you a lot of money to fix it.

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What causes condensation inside my fridge? It is caused by the evaporation of water that is in the air. How much of the water evaporates depends on the temperature of the room and other conditions. The most common cause of condensation inside your fridge is the fact that the air gets warm and condensation forms as a result.

Types of condensations

The most common type of condensation in your fridge is caused by poor air circulation. When the air is hot, the water vapour in the air freezes. As the ice melts, water is released causing the condensation in your fridge.

What causes condensation inside my fridge? Another cause of condensation in your fridge is the water in the air seeping in. If the air is drafty or has a lot of gaps, then water can leak in. You can fix this by removing any drafts in the air and if you can add some draft proofing, then you can help to prevent condensation.

How to Fix the Problem

You can get rid of condensation from your fridge by wiping it down with a kitchen towel. Make sure that you wash it with hot water and try to keep the towel moist. Once you have finished wiping the fridge down, you can use your dehumidifier.

Your dehumidifier can help because it will lower the humidity inside your kitchen counter. This means that the water vapour is less likely to freeze. This also helps to keep the ice in your freezer from melting and thus causing the ice cubes to fall through.

You can use kitchen towels instead of paper towels. Why do I recommend paper towels? It is because paper towels can cause condensation. The more you use them, the drier they become and the more likely it is that you will experience condensation in your fridge.

For best results when dealing with condensation in your fridge, you should clean it every day. That way, the condensation won’t build up. At the same time, you can buy a dehumidifier to help to lower the humidity inside your kitchen counter. As long as you keep all of these things in mind, you will be able to help prevent condensation in your fridge and save money in the process.